Thursday, September 20, 2012

One year later...

Laura and Kelly digging a trench for geo pipe 6 feet in the ground with Sean Broadwell.  Backhoe is owned by Mike Doney.  This is the field in front of the house looking toward the road.  Laura wanted to do a post.

Trench 2 and 3 of 5 dug on 9/19/2012

Trenches are about 300 feet long. 

This is the back of the house.  Laura calls it the smiley face house.  I guess you have to use your imagination.

This is what it came from.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Greg, Mark and Gary's Excellent Adventure

So we planned to complete an ATV excursion up at Brandy Brook August 3-5, 2011. Greg and Mark left Mass in the morning and headed directly to the Timberview Lodge in Turin, NY. Using their GPS, they arrived shortly before 3PM. While I was waiting for them, I took this picture of the Timberview. I was the only truck in the lot and it was raining cats and dogs.
We took this picture once they arrived. I reminded them that the movie Deliverance started with this same scenario. Group of guys ready to take on the wilderness. Thankfully, our fate was much different than the cast of characters in the movie. That didn't stop me from planning for Mark to be the sacrifice if needed. He could do all of the squealing. We forgot the camera for the Wednesday ride but we did end up going to Montague for dinner and Barnes Corners for gas. Arrived at 9 PM just at closing time. I filled up and Mark filled up. Greg got about $1.75 of the $10 that was prepaid to fill his and Mark's wheelers. He made it back on fumes....
A good nights rest at Brandy Brook for Mark had him inspired. After the pancake and bacon breakfast, he jumped on the mower.... well actually behind it and mowed the lawn. Once that job was complete (and a great job it was) we rode to Highmarket and then to Brantingham for lunch at The Pine Tree Inn
Here are Greg and Mark waiting for their lunch order at the bar.
We took in some sights along our trip back. Here we stopped on Morgan Gulf Road. I thought it would be nice to get a picture of Greg getting a picture...
Mark, is that 5 o'clock shadow on your nose? Oh, I guess it's dust. Guess who was riding in 3rd place on that trip...
Surprise! We ran into Ponch from the 1980's TV series Chips as he was handing out tickets... oh wait, that's just Greg taking a break on the side of the road. The helmet had me confused.
Across the road from the Timberview, they have a network of ATV trails to get muddy. Here is Mark pushing his out.
I wasn't quick enough to think about getting the camera out but Mark got winched out of this hole.
He's actually hung up on the frame in this pic.
Mark needed a break after all of that riding or tugging. Tired him right out. They don't call it Tug Hill for nothin'.
This was the view by Timberview looking into the Black River Valley. The other side is the Adirondack Park.
We needed a break after riding 160 miles so we made dinner at Brandy Brook. Greg is manning the steaks and Mark set the table. The table also doubles as a trailer to haul the wheelers home. Just such a nice day we wanted to eat outside.
Here we are at dinner. I tried to include myself with a self portrait but it looks more like Greg took his special brother out on a day pass. Yaaaa! Finished off the day with an evening trip to the Sportsmen and back to camp about 10PM. After solving all of the world's problems by the fire place, we were in bed by midnight.
The last day we rode around camp. This is our North Road. We have a little beaver problem here... This is Greg and Mark wallowing through.
Slaughters Crossing- This spot has actually claimed a few 4 wheelers but not today...

Below is a picture of Greg on the edge of Duck Pond. He's standing on top of a 6 foot beaver dam holding back the water. It's one of the biggest I've seen on the property.
Mark was pretty tired by now but we talked him into a few more stops. Actually I only told him about one but the other two were pretty close so we stopped there too. This is a picture of the warning sign before you enter Whetstone Gulf. It's a gorge about 1000 feet wide and 500 feet in depth. The pictures don't do it justice. This is one you should see in person if you have never been there.
Greg standing at the edge of the drop off...

Mark with a smile on his face. I think he is having a good time.
I tried to get the side of the drop off here but it's not as impressive as in person.
Here was a dried up gully that is a waterfall during the wet season.
Greg holding up the roots to a tree where the soil is being washed away underneath it.

Mark and Greg take time to pose next to the road.
This stop includes views of the wind turbines in Lewis County as part of the Maple Ridge Wind Farm.

This is a picture from the base of a turbine.
Mark is in the shadow of a tower. They claim to be about 400 (with the prop) feet tall with a 1.65 MW turbine on the top.
Our last stop was at the Whetstone Gulf Reservoir. Here is Greg as the base of the Dam holding back the water.
It was essentially closed off because we have had a dry summer so far.
Picture at the top and below is a pic of Mark climbing to the top.
So that sums up the excellent adventure. About 200 miles in total. No junk to report and everyone left with all their body limbs in tact. Good Times...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Some Where Over the Rainbow

After taking a break from the blog, here are some updates of what has been happening!
Kelly received an award for being On-A-Roll. This is an award given for academic achievement as well as social. The character theme for the month was self-control. We are very proud of Kelly for receiving this award during the school spirit day assembly.
There was a field trip to the zoo with the kindergarten class. Complete with a bus accident at the end. Thankfully no one was injured. Just delayed the trip back to school.
A break in the rain. Only a brief break, but lucky enough to catch a rainbow. It is high lighting the new roof we put on the house in between rain showers earlier this spring. Thankfully no leaks!
Grandma joined us for Laura's award ceremony tonight at the high school. Kelly wasn't feeling well and fell asleep before even leaving the house. She woke up after the ceremony when refreshments were served.
Laura received the outstanding student/school citizen award. This was an award given by the Teacher's Association. We are so proud of Laura and all her accomplishments.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

S'more Fun

The collection has begun. Thursday was a warm and rainy day. Gary and I met for the woods right after work.
One of the buckets at the creek. Right to the top with an ice cube to keep it chilled.
Back at the creek, the road was starting to break open.
By Friday evening, the road was flooded. Really wanted to be sure to have your rubber boots on crossing. Pretty swift coming across.
Saturday after boiling, letting the hot coals burn down.
Just right for an after dinner desert.
Just like the syrup, golden!
Done for the day and ready for a treat.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

First Boil

March 6th was the season's first boil in the sap shack. The day started with warmer temps but quickly dropped.
Front pan, finishing the sap to syrup.
The first draw off the pan. A good maple flavor and light amber color.
Gary making an adjustment to some of the logs for the evaporator.
Waiting for the next draw. A good game of Uno. Laura's favorite.
Ready to bottle the syrup.